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Middleton Press 'Peebles Loop' Book

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Middleton Press 'Peebles Loop' plus the Dolphinton. Penicuikand Polton Branch lines
Peebles joined the railway network with the opening of the independent Peebles Railway in 1855. The Caledonian Railway arrived in the town in 1864, but prior to this the North British Railway had set out to protect its territory by building the line to Galashiels, which finally opened in 1866.

This resulted in a loop line off the Waverley route at Galashiels, rejoining it at Eskbank. The three branch lines covered in this volume were also connected to the Peebles Loop.
First Published:28 July 2018
Last Reprinted 20 March 2020
Authors:Roger Darsley & Dennis Lovett
Hardback 96 Pages, 120 Photographs. Large scale maps and other details of local history.