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Latest News

Peco Highland Railway Signal Box kit!

We are pleased to announce that Peco have just released a new kit of a Highland Railway Signal Box. This laser cut wooden kit with plastic parts is modelled on Helmsdale which is on the Far North line from Inverness to Thurso/Wick.

The model kit is now in stock, available exclusively from Harburn Hobbies for an introductory period. Ref LK-201 £19.95

As always we will be attending the 'Celebration of Model Railways' Exhibition at the Dewars Centre in Perth on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June, where these kits will be on sale at our stand.

First of the new Hornby Scottish J36 models is now in stock!

Eagerly awaited after being announced in January 2018 we are pleased to say that the first of Hornby's Scottish J36 models have arrived - R3622 Class J36 0-6-0 locomotive and tender, number 65311 ‘Haig’ in early BR black livery. Harburn's price £129.99 List price £139.99.

To order please go to Harburn Highlights on our web shop.

Still to be released are the other two versions, details below:-

R3600TTS Class J36 0-6-0 locomotive and tender, number 673 ‘Maude’ in preserved North British Railway livery, DCC fitted and with TTS sound. £164.99. (expected Jan-19)

R3621 Class J36 0-6-0 locomotive and tender, number 722 in early LNER lined black livery. Harburn's price £129.99 List price £139.99. (expected Jan-19)

These models are in great demand, so don’t miss out! Buy or pre-order your requirements NOW. Just phone or send an email and we’ll acknowledge. (Phone 0131-556 3233. Email to


The Holmes J36 (NBR Class C) 0-6-0 Locomotives.

These locomotives were designed by Matthew Holmes for the purpose of hauling freight trains and introduced to the North British Railway in 1888 as the ‘C’ Class. Not only did these sturdy little locos perform well on long distance freight trains, they were used for local and branch line passenger services and occasionally on mainline trains too.

A total of 168 were built from 1888-1900. By nationalisation in 1948, 123 had survived. Six were still in service in 1966! This was the last class of steam locomotive to work in Scotland at the end of steam in 1967. In their lifetime, the majority worked over most parts of Scotland, however some were allocated to a few sheds in England.

25 locomotives were sent to work in France in 1917-18 and on return, were named after famous military leaders and places connected with the First World War, such as: Byng, French, Somme, Mons, Plumer, Gough, Horne, Maude, Joffre, Allenby and Haig. The names were hand-painted on to the splashers above the middle driving wheels.

When the NBR was absorbed by the LNER in 1923, the class became J36.

One of the class was saved and preserved by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society at the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway – BR no.65243, originally NBR no. 673 “Maude”. It formed part of the procession of locomotives and trains in the 1980 Rainhill 150 celebrations and was a film star in 2000, appearing in “The Railway Children” remake on the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex.

Harburn special bus from Oxford!
Another Harburn Hobbies Special Commission - Edinburgh Corporation Leyland Titan PD2 double deck bus, Route number 29 to 'St Andrew Square' via Frederick Street and Stockbridge. Registration number JSF 655, Fleet number 240. Nearside advert 'Drinka Pinta Milka Day', off side advert 'Murray's Export Ale'. Only 1000 produced. Scale 1:76. Price £21.95. Exclusive to Harburn Hobbies.

Available to order/view at:-


Harburns special wagon from Bachmann

Ref 37-050S 'Devlin's' 5 plank coal wagon - £14.50

Devlin's owned a fleet of wagons which were used to supply bunker coal for the company's fishing trawlers at Granton Harbour. The body is GW green with black ironwork while the lettering is yellow with red shading.

Available to order/view at:-


The Barr family have been making fizzy drinks in Scotland since 1880 and have sold their famous 'Iron-Brew' since 1901. A number of taxis have carried advertisements for Scotland's 'other' national drink featuring the striking Orange and Blue livery. Oxford Diecast were commissioned by Harburn Hobbies to produce their model of the FX4 taxi with Irn Bru branding and carrying an Edinburgh registration number - SK07 KNG. These models are available exclusively from Harburns now at only £4.25 each.


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