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'Pigeons of Britain' Gibsons 1000 piece jigsaw

14.00 (inc. VAT at 20%)
 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Product Description

This 1000 piece puzzle celebrates the figures that have made Britain what it is today.in pigeon form! Illustrated by the talented Alice Tams, this jigsaw puzzle is filled with weird, whacky and rather feathery versions of some much-loved British talent,who can you spot?

As with all Gibsons jigsaws, they use 100% recycled puzzle board, FSC paper and work with the best artists from all around the world. The beautifully illustrated pieces are designed to fit perfectly together; in fact, Gibsons use the thickest puzzle board on the market. Everyone loves a Gibsons jigsaw, even Her Majesty the Queen has been spotted with one.
Product code G6607.
High quality 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Puzzle size 48x68cm when complete.
Box size: 24x24x6cm.
Made from thick, durable puzzle board that is 100% recycled.
Alice Tams is a travelling illustrator, largely, of birds wearing hats. She has been drawing since she was dexterous enough to pick up a pencil crayon and is obsessed by colour, fine detail and the natural world. After graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2011 with a creative writing degree she decided to make a career out of animals wearing human clothing. Namely, different birds wearing different hats. After a couple of years of turning up at Brick Lane market in East London every Sunday with her wares, she became a full-time illustrator - running her small business and taking on commissions from her studio in Bermondsey. Last year, after 8 years in London, she decided to pack up her studio and take it on the road. So far she's travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Cambodia, Vietnam, driven the length and breadth of New Zealand and travelled up and down Taiwan, settling in Taipei for now, where she continues to find new, more exciting ways to put birds in hats.