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Corgi CC00901 Thunderbirds 1 & 3

22.50 (inc. VAT at 20%)
 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Cult 1960s TV show Thunderbirds die-cast model of Thunderbird 1 & 3.
Thunderbirds model based on the original classic series, for both long-standing enthusiasts and a new generation of fans.
Both Thunderbird 1 & 3 feature new tooling for this release

Thunderbird 1 is International Rescue's fast-action response vehicle, usually the first to arrive at an incident. Normally piloted by Scott Tracy, it can also be flown by his younger brother Alan.

operational swing wings
length 96mm
diameter at base 42mm
wing span (open) 73mm

Thunderbird 3 is International Rescue's vehicle designed for space rescue and maintaining the systems and crew of Thunderbird 5. It is normally piloted by Alan Tracy, with his brother, Scott as co-pilot.

length 105mm
overall diameter 33mm