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Cambrian C17 BR OBA 31t Open Wagon Later Type Body Wagon Kit

10.80 (inc. VAT at 20%)
 (inc. VAT at 20%)

Product Description

Cambrian C17 BR OBA 31t Open Wagon Later Type Body Wagon Kit
1:76 4mm Wagon construction kit.
Requires glue, paint and transfers to complete
Manufacturer: Cambrian
Wheel Type required:: 12mm Air Braked Disc
Paint required::
Transfers required::
Other items required:: Couplings and dummy Coupling Hooks.

Weight: 37g
Built in two overlapping Lots (3909 & 3930) of 500 & 300 during 1977-79. The main difference was the springs. Lot 3909 had conventional leaf springs (included as a separate item on wheel unit moulding) & 3930 had Bruninghaus parabolic springs. Many 3909 wagons were fitted with Brun. springs during 1980-84. The other variations are the door stops - round or square, and equal or unequal spacing of the 1st and 3rd pairs of hinges and door springs (Both Lots have this variation - on the later wagons). In 1982, 30 wagons were sold to BNFL as skip wagons (“Freight Only” Vol. 1, p.13), and 480 transferred to Dept. use as ZDA BASS ( all from Lot 3909). The remainder of this Lot went to the C.M & E.E.Dept. to carry HST spares. Many of Lot 3930 also moved to Dept. use. Some wagons were modified to carry concrete blocks from Knottingley. Two had their sides & ends removed to carry loco bogies from Laira (ZVA). There was one hooded OEA 110793 (“Freight Only” Vol. 3, p.114). From 1991, there were further rebuilds to Sea Urchin fixed side ballast /spoil wagons. These commenced, it is believed, with four wagons built by Marcroft (Stoke) in July 1991. DC110231 was one of these.

The kit has the body style of the second half of the build, with unequal spacing of door hinges and straps, plus square door "buffers" rather than round. The Bachmann RTR version has the earlier type of body, although the numbers applied to these do not necessarily take this into account.

The end extensions for the Plasmor conversion are available as an option.